Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anthony's post thingy

Anthony here~ My mom wanted me to make a post. So thats what I'm gonna do. Post. So here's whats been going on this week. My sister was sent home on monday with "Swine Flu" but actually its just a slight fever and she's feeling fine. However the school policy says she can't come back until 24 hours have passed. So all Tuesday she stayed at home. As a matter of fact, It might as well should have been a party- I stayed home too. I had an evil headache that kept on making my head spin. I sneezed and coughed a little and almost gagged myself to death.Oh yeah, My mom is starting to come down with some kind of sickness. Such a healthy bunch eh? Anyways, schools doing fine and er're almost done with state testing. Big whoop. I think the testing's easy. Haha im sitting here and my mom just suggest I type something for mother's day. Well, Here goes. I love my mommy so much! Whenever I'm sick (and thats often!) She takes care of me. I also make so much mistakes- but I know my Mommy loves me. Eeer, Well I was thinking about adding more but Ariel,(my sister) is yelling at me for typing so much. Well she just said,"That was your last sentance, HURRY UP!." I have no intention of stopping. It may seem pretty weird but I happen to talk alot at home. Everything in here is usually what I say outloud at home. As most of you notice I don't talk very much at church or school. Eeer- I feel like im rambling and now my mom is telling me to hurry up.HAHAHA.My mom just asked me why im writing so much and my sister responded-"Cause he's ugly" LOL. Neways I'm probally going to make more posts, hopefully more relavent. Why? Because my mom just said its my job.Wow... now my sister wants to type. Laters I guess.

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